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Hey Folks!

Mr. Heimerdinger is here with the September updates of the website!

New Skins In The Membership Area:

  • Project Yasou
  • Headhunter Caitlyn
  • Dino Gnar
  • Riot Nasus


  • Fixed Registration Bugs
  • Deleted All Used Codes
  • Fixed Some Skin Codes's Typo
  • Now Faster To Get Codes
  • Disabled Accounts Inactive for 2 Months

That is all this month! :)


First of all i would like to introduce myself to you guys, my name is Eric Claumer, know as EricSD as a gamer, i am playing League Of Legends, Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 but LoL is more and more important in my life as a game, i really like the high variety of champions, the good community, this is the first game i am still enjoying after many years and i do not want to stop it, Riot makes it an endless game as adding more and more champions,skins and awesome updates to the game.

Secondy i would like to explain you why i have created this website and updating everyday to make my visitors more happy. I know lots of players are sad and really fight for a skin of their favorite champion or they simply want to be somehow unique but they do not want to spend money or they don’t have any possibility to spend money on their account. That is why i decided some days ago that i will keep my users updated with new Skin Codes which you can redeem in the marketplace and you will get both the champion and skin. Popular codes you may really want to get it hands like Arcade Hecarim, Riot Blitzrank, K9 Nasus,Full Methal Rammus and other interesting skins which were given out by riot free to tournament visitors and spreading it on the internet but with a very limited number of codes. I am happy to announce you guys that i have thousands of codes available and i am willing to share a lot with you and update this site daily with fresh codes you can redeem at any Server like NA,EU EAST,EU WEST and other regional servers. Sounds good hah? Do not hesitate! Get your skin code now!